My name is Albert van Egmond. I'm born 1960 at Rijnsburg, The Netherlands. I'm married to Evelien and a father of 5 children, two daughters and three sons.

For 25 years I worked as an exporter of flowers. Together with my business partner, I founded a company that specializes in (wholesale) sourcing of flowers and houseplants to supermarkets in Germany. Before I founded this company, my father and I owned a "flower line", also in Germany.

As an elder for ten years I have been involved in lots of activities in the Church. Every year I support summer camps for kids at Leusden (The Netherlands). In 2002 we founded Foundation Oekroe. Every year this foundation organizes summer camps within Ukraine for about 200 children.

Currently I am chairman of a committee in our church in Katwijk.

Ten times a year I host and organise breakfast sessions for men.
Albert van Egmond
You are not always in control of what comes your way...
...however, you are for how you deal with it!